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  • August 04, 2020, 01:16:55 AM
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Author Topic: Why forums?  (Read 676 times)


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Why forums?
« on: April 23, 2018, 04:42:59 PM »

What's a forum?
A forum is like a Discord, only its ancient technology.

Why do you have a forum?

Two reasons.
1. In the future, having a forum is retro cool.
2. Imagine the Jedi Library running as a social media platform.

"Do you have any information on a mysterious water planet?"
"Not if its older than 1 week."

Social media is good for connecting with players.
Forums are for good for working with players to make an incredible game.

See, we want to hear your feedback and your great ideas.

What if you say "You know what you should do?  Multiplayer."
That's a great idea.
But we're already doing multiplayer.

So, I give you a link and say "Check out the multiplayer discussion on our forum."

You think its great, but your idea is better, or... maybe its just different.
So, you tell your idea in the forum.
Everybody talks about it.
We see the error of our ways, and your idea goes into the game.
The game is now better.

Social media can't do that.
(ok... social media can't do that very well)

I'm JeTSpice, by-the-way.